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AJ's EZ Meals

Check out our EZ Meal menus below and order right away!

AJ’S EZ Meals 
experience the simplicity and ease of meal prep

Try our affordable, healthy, personalized meals to heat and serve at home.  

Who are they for?
Health-conscious athletes, busy families, singles, new parents, older parents and anyone who wants to up their nutrition, and enjoy some free time. 

How do I order?
Choose a protein or plant based option, a starch, and a veggie, for each meal. Our chefs will get busy shopping, cooking and cleaning up after! 

Plan Ahead
Pick a few favorite combinations and press send. Relax, you just cooked for the week! Enjoy the feeling of having an almost personal chef. Your meals will be ready for pick up in three days. Don’t worry about how you will use all that free time, be kind to yourself, do something you love.

Order 3 days in advance 

Five meal minimum 

Choose a protein, or plant based option, a starch and a veggie for each meal.

Relax yourself. Whew, feel smug, you just prepared five meals!

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